1. 27 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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      add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake · 3a2c0797
      Praetorius, Simon authored
      changed petsc cmake configuration
      added computation of global DOF ids for pre-bases
      Global basis ids for dune 2.6 and dune 2.7
      corrected the unbind function
      wrong unbind function call corrected
      Added partition type query to GlobalIdSet
      added documentation and extended the test
      add general implementation and specialization for TaylorHoodBasis
      corrected treepath of velocity component in taylorhoodbasis
      add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake
      add DofMapping for the association of local and global indices
      changed petsc cmake configuration
      added DOFMapping and test, to be used with petsc or pmtl backend
      extension of istl preconditioner and amg precon
      added block jacobi preconditioner with sequential sub precon
      update ISTLCommTest for new Communication Creators
      removed some smoothers due to bugs in dune-istl
      added krylov AMG preconditioner
      restructuring of istl solvers and preconditioners
      Corrected errors in uniqueBorderPartitionTest a...
    • Praetorius, Simon's avatar
      Restructuring of Matrix and Vector and linear-algebra backends. · 99456603
      Praetorius, Simon authored
      Added init-finalize also for vectors.
      Require gather/scatter operations instead of direct vector/matrix access.
      Rewritten the interpolation.
      Added ParallelIndexSet and DOFMapping to be used also in other backends.
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