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    • Müller, Felix's avatar
      Redesign of automatic basis, communicator and DOFVector updates · 707a73ff
      Müller, Felix authored
      Major changes:
        Add wrapper class AdaptiveGrid<Grid> to be used instead of a
          dune-grid within AMDiS. This provides most of the grid interface
          and supports automatic updates of bases.
        Change: MeshCreator now returns an AdaptiveGrid
        Change: ProblemStat uses AdaptiveGrid internally and returns an
          object of that type
        Add class ParallelGlobalBasis<Basis> as a replacement for a
          dune-functions basis. This implements the complete interface and
          can be used as a replacement for a regular basis in all contexts.
          It supports automatic updates.
        Add free function makeGlobalBasis to make a ParallelGlobalBasis
        Change: AMDiS basis creators now return a ParallelGlobalBasis
        Change: ProblemStat uses ParallelGlobalBasis internally and returns
          an object of that type
        Add classes Observer/Signals. Classes can derive from those to take
          part in the automatic update feature.
        Add update(Event const& e) methods to classes using the feature
          above. They implement the action to be done when the registered
          Event is triggered.
        Remove GridTransfer[-Manager] and replace with the new
          Observer/Signals implementation
        Change: linear algebra communicator is now a part of
        Add wrapper for DataTransfer objects that can be used instead of a
          base class pointer and performs deep-copy operations on copy
          construction and assignment
        Change: DOFVector DataTransfer member is now stored using the new
          wrapper class DataTransferWrapper
        Change: preAdapt, adapt, postAdapt callbacks are now called after
          calling the respective grid function. Classes that previously used
          any of them had their methods changed accordingly.
      Minor changes:
        Remove Comm argument for ctor of [Bi-]LinearForm, DOFVector
        Change ctor argument from Comm to Basis in
          linearalgebra/<impl>/[Matrix-, Vector-]Backend.hpp
        Simplify DOFVector copy/move by defaulting
        Remove DOFVector::resize override
        Remove DOFVectorInterface.hpp
        Change: linearalgebra/Traits.hpp includes the backend-specific
          Traits file. This is required to break an include loop.
        Add global 'solver category' initfile parameter used by the ISTL
          backend communicator when no parameter  at prefix + '->category'
          is found
        Fix commented out parts in DOFVectorTest, DiscreteFunctionTest
        Add unit test for Observer functionality
        Add helper function wrap_or_share (see amdis/common/SharedPtr.hpp)
        Fix backend = ISTL check for ISTLCommTest in CMakeLists
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    • Praetorius, Simon's avatar
      add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake · 3a2c0797
      Praetorius, Simon authored
      changed petsc cmake configuration
      added computation of global DOF ids for pre-bases
      Global basis ids for dune 2.6 and dune 2.7
      corrected the unbind function
      wrong unbind function call corrected
      Added partition type query to GlobalIdSet
      added documentation and extended the test
      add general implementation and specialization for TaylorHoodBasis
      corrected treepath of velocity component in taylorhoodbasis
      add PETSc find module and configuration to cmake
      add DofMapping for the association of local and global indices
      changed petsc cmake configuration
      added DOFMapping and test, to be used with petsc or pmtl backend
      extension of istl preconditioner and amg precon
      added block jacobi preconditioner with sequential sub precon
      update ISTLCommTest for new Communication Creators
      removed some smoothers due to bugs in dune-istl
      added krylov AMG preconditioner
      restructuring of istl solvers and preconditioners
      Corrected errors in uniqueBorderPartitionTest and ProblemStat
      changed default solver and removed solver category argument from precon creator
      restructured stolver and precon creators in istl. Added precompiled explicit template instantiations.
      cholmod for dune-2.7 only
      removed explicit instantiation of AMG precons due to dune-istl bugs
      Cleanup of AMG and more documentation, removed some precompiled preconditioner and solvers
      redesign of linear algebra backend for inclusion of PETSc
      petsc example added for study of the implementation
      Matrix pattern communicates non-owning rows
      petsc example extended for debugging
      output of vectors does not use std::vector directly anymore
      dirichletBC redesigned
      restructuring of vectors and matrices, added BiLinearForm and LinearForm
      cleanup of VectorBackend design. Needs to be applied to all backends!
      adopt istl backend to changes in VectorBase and MatrixBase
      Update CMakeLists and implemented twist of globalBasisIds
      Communication in MatrixNnzStructure and DofMapping corrected.
      not HAVE_MPI caseimplemented
      do not use lv.maxSize() for mat and vec sizes
      meshcreator with overlap and periodicity for YaspGrid
      Twist indexing corrected and new UniqueBorderPartition strategy implemented, In MeshCreated the MAcroGridFactory removed, since it does not work in parallel
      PETScCommTest added
      MatrixNNZStructure extended to include remote dnnz numbers
      made all backends conforming to the new structure
      MeshCreator now reads AlbertaGrid only on rank 0
      make vector copyable
      export BACKEND cmake flag to amdis-config file
      cmake-pkg config file added
      pkg config file updated and PETSc direct solver added
      update MTL and PETSc backend after complex test
      make petsc constraints work on DirichletNodes that are not on boundary intersections
      moved AMDIS_INFO_LEVEL to Output
      updated the backup-restore test and corrected some small errors
      make friend use struct instead of class for Constraints
      change solver parameter in generated initfile of amdisproject and add PETSc to README
      update choldmod to recent dune version
    • Praetorius, Simon's avatar
      Restructuring of Matrix and Vector and linear-algebra backends. · 99456603
      Praetorius, Simon authored
      Added init-finalize also for vectors.
      Require gather/scatter operations instead of direct vector/matrix access.
      Rewritten the interpolation.
      Added ParallelIndexSet and DOFMapping to be used also in other backends.
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