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Preparing the Sources
Additional to the software mentioned in README you'll need the
following programs installed on your system:
cmake >= 2.8.12
Getting started
If these preliminaries are met, you should run
dunecontrol all
which will find all installed dune modules as well as all dune modules
(not installed) which sources reside in a subdirectory of the current
directory. Note that if dune is not installed properly you will either
have to add the directory where the dunecontrol script resides (probably
./dune-common/bin) to your path or specify the relative path of the script.
Most probably you'll have to provide additional information to dunecontrol
(e. g. compilers, configure options) and/or make options.
The most convenient way is to use options files in this case. The files
define four variables:
CMAKE_FLAGS flags passed to cmake (during configure)
An example options file might look like this:
#use this options to configure and make if no other options are given
-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS='-Wall -pedantic' \
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/install/path" #Force g++-5 and set compiler flags
If you save this information into example.opts you can pass the opts file to
dunecontrol via the --opts option, e. g.
dunecontrol --opts=example.opts all
More info
dunecontrol --help
for further options.
The full build system is described in the dune-common/doc/buildsystem (Git version) or under share/doc/dune-common/buildsystem if you installed DUNE!
# Dune-Gmsh4
File reader for the Gmsh MSH file format version 4.
## Summary
Provides a file reader to read MSH file format version 4. It supports various
grid-creator policies. Higher-order parametrized grids can be read using a
## Usage
Either construct a grid directly
#include <dune/gmsh4/gmsh4reader.hh>
#include <dune/gmsh4/gridcreators/lagrangegridcreator.hh>
#include <dune/grid/uggrid.hh>
int main()
using namespace Dune;
using Grid = UGGrid<2>;
std::unique_ptr grid = Gmsh4Reader<Grid>::createGridFromFile("filename.msh");
or explicitly use a grid-creator
#include <dune/foamgrid/foamgrid.hh>
#include <dune/gmsh4/gmsh4reader.hh>
#include <dune/gmsh4/gridcreators/lagrangegridcreator.hh>
int main()
using namespace Dune;
using Grid = FoamGrid<2,3>;
GridFactory<Grid> factory;
Gmsh4::LagrangeGridCreator creator{factory};
Gmsh4Reader reader{creator};"filename.msh");
auto grid = factory.createGrid();
Note, the grid-creator itself is a grid-function.
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