Commit 40a084c4 authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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Add test for dune-grid VTKWriter generated files

parent 015c79eb
......@@ -304,6 +304,30 @@ void VtkReader<Grid,Creator,Field>::readParallelFileFromStream (std::ifstream& i
template <class Grid, class Creator, class Field>
template <class Caller>
void VtkReader<Grid,Creator,Field>::readAppendedCaller(Vtk::DataTypes floatType, Vtk::DataTypes headerType, Caller caller)
switch (headerType) {
case Vtk::UINT32:
switch (floatType) {
case Vtk::FLOAT32: caller(MetaType<float>{}, MetaType<std::uint32_t>{}); break;
case Vtk::FLOAT64: caller(MetaType<double>{}, MetaType<std::uint32_t>{}); break;
default: VTK_ASSERT_MSG(false, "Unsupported FloatingPoint type"); break;
case Vtk::UINT64:
switch (floatType) {
case Vtk::FLOAT32: caller(MetaType<float>{}, MetaType<std::uint64_t>{}); break;
case Vtk::FLOAT64: caller(MetaType<double>{}, MetaType<std::uint64_t>{}); break;
default: VTK_ASSERT_MSG(false, "Unsupported FloatingPoint type"); break;
default: VTK_ASSERT_MSG(false, "Unsupported Header Integer type"); break;
// @{ implementation detail
* Read ASCII data from `input` stream into vector `values`
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