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### Roles
tbd: A list of required roles. Parent roles must not be listed.
Only Parent roles.
### Variables
A list of all role variables.
Changed variable of parent roles must be listed too.
- `fail2ban_loglevel`: [default`INFO`: Sets the loglevel output (e.g. `1 = ERROR`, `2 = WARN`, `3 = INFO`, `4 = DEBUG`)
- `fail2ban_logtarget`: [default: `/var/log/fail2ban.log`]: Sets the log target. This could be a file, SYSLOG, STDERR or STDOUT
- `fail2ban_syslog_target`: [default: `/var/log/fail2ban.log`]:
- `fail2ban_syslog_facility`: [default: `1`]:
- `fail2ban_socket`: [default: `/var/run/fail2ban/fail2ban.sock`]: Sets the socket file, which is used to communicate with the daemon
- `fail2ban_pidfile`: [default: `/var/run/fail2ban/`]: Sets the pid file, which is used to to store the process ID of the daemon (Only works on `fail2ban >= 0.8.9`)
- `fail2ban_ignoreips`: [default: `[]`]: Which IP address/CIDR mask/DNS host should be ignored from fail2ban's actions
- `fail2ban_bantime`: [default: `600`]: Sets the bantime
- `fail2ban_maxretry`: [default: `3`]: Maximum number of retries before the host is put into jail
- `fail2ban_findtime`: [default: `600`]: A host is banned if it has generated `fail2ban_maxretry` during the last `fail2ban_findtime`
- `fail2ban_backend`: [default: `auto`]: Specifies the backend used to get files modification
- `fail2ban_banaction`: [default: `iptables-multiport`]: Sets the global/default banaction
- `fail2ban_protocol`: [default: `tcp`]: Sets the default protocol
- `fail2ban_chain`: [default: `INPUT`]: Specifies the chain where jumps would need to be added in iptables-* actions
- `fail2ban_action`: [default: `%(action_)s`]: Default action. **Note that variables (including the actions defined elsewhere in the config files) must be wrapped in python-style `%(` and `)s` so they are expanded**
- `fail2ban_services` [default see `defaults/main.yml`]: Service definitions
- `fail2ban_services.{n}.name` [required]: Service name (e.g. `sshd`, `ssh`)
- `fail2ban_services.{n}.enabled` [default: `true`]: Whether or not enabled
- `fail2ban_services.{n}.*` [optional]: Name of the option
- `fail2ban_services.{n}.*.*` [optional]: Value of the option
### Plugins
## Processes
tbd: A rough overview of the steps.
1. install fail2ban
2. create configuration files from templates
## License
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