Commit 08a319c3 authored by Gräser, Carsten's avatar Gräser, Carsten
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Remove lambda

This is now only used in a single place hence having a lambda
for this is overkill.
parent 3d42384d
......@@ -900,10 +900,6 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[]) try
return dSumFunctional(z);
auto contains = [](const Solvers::Interval<double>& J, double t) {
return (J[0] <= t) and (t <= J[1]);
postGSEnergy = g(0);
......@@ -923,7 +919,7 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[]) try
// If the domain contains 1, try to find a better initial interval guess.
// Otherwise stay with the domain as initial guess.
if (contains(I, 1))
if ((I[0] <= 1.0) and (1.0 <= I[1]))
// Start from I[1]=1 and successively double the step length
// until we have found an upper bound with dg(I[1])>0.
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