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explicitly say that n is an 'orientation' of P(n)

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......@@ -212,6 +212,7 @@ Let $g$ be the metric on $M$ and $m = \dim M$.%
\end{note} % end note Line fields
\begin{definition}[Orientable line field] \label{def:orientable_line_field}
A line field $Q ∈ Γ_R(𝒬^{𝕊}(M))$ is called \newTerm{orientable} if there exists $n ∈ Γ_R(𝕊M)$ such that $P(n) = Q$.
In this case $n$ is called an \newTerm{orientation of $Q$}.
\end{definition} % end definition of Orientable line field
% When we want to consider $Q$-tensors an directions fields on the boundary,
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