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question on notation

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......@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ We formulate the same in the language of \cref{sec:embedding_M} and allow fields
For the \enquote{and only if} part restrict an orientation for $Q$ on the paths in $G$.
\end{proof} % of theorem Orientability of line fields on embedded M
\todo{restriction $\rest{𝕊M}{γ}$ appears in the proof here. Should it be $𝕊_γM$ in analogy to $S_pM$? Then change everywhere.}
{\textbf{Here another version with background colors instead of [].}
\cref{thm:orientability_of_continuous_line_fields} and \cref{thm:orientability_of_line_fields_via_embedding_of_M} are very similar.
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