Commit 41963f0c authored by Pietsch, Martin's avatar Pietsch, Martin
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added variables and default values

parent 824de584
php_module_config_file: "module.ini.j2"
php_module_priority: <module prio>
php_module_config_file: "mysqli.ini.j2"
php_module_priority: 20
php_mod_mysqli_allow_local_infile: 0
php_mod_mysqli_local_infile_directory: ""
php_mod_mysqli_allow_persistent: 1
php_mod_mysqli_max_persistent: -1
php_mod_mysqli_max_links: -1
php_mod_mysqli_default_port: 3306
php_mod_mysqli_reconnect: 0
php_mod_mysqli_rollback_on_cached_plink: false
package_packages: ["php7.3-<module>"]
package_packages: ["php7.3-mysql"]
php_module_name: "<module name>"
php_module_name: "mysqli"
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