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......@@ -41,15 +41,16 @@ Simply build the (meta) dune module that has dependencies to all other dune
modules or build each one separately:
eb dune-2.6.0-foss-2018a.eb --robot=external/:modules/ --moduleclasses=dune
eb dune-2.6.0-foss-2018a.eb --robot=external/:modules/ --moduleclasses=dune [--minimal-toolchains]
The option `--robot` enables dependency resolution with the parameter `--robot=DIR`
the `DIR` is added to the search path for EasyConfig files, and finally the options
`--modulesclasses=dune` adds an additional environment-module subdirectory
`dune` where all dune modules are stored in.
`dune` where all dune modules are stored in. The optional parameter `--minimal-toolchains`
instructs EasyBuild to consider subtoolchains for dependencies.
## Module version
### Module versions
The dune modules are configured to work with the highest versions of libraries
shipped with EasyBuild 3.6.2 for the `foss-2018a` toolchain (based on GCC 6.4.0,
OpenMPI 2.1.2 and OpenBlas 0.2.20). On some clusters special version are provided
......@@ -58,10 +59,9 @@ that in all dune module .eb files the correct version is written and set the
EasyBuild search path variable, e.g.,
## Creating new EasyConfig files
EasyConfig files are simple text files with some python syntax. Updating a version
of a dune module could be done, by copying the EasyConfig file, changing the version
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