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    Redesign of automatic basis, communicator and DOFVector updates · 707a73ff
    Müller, Felix authored
    Major changes:
      Add wrapper class AdaptiveGrid<Grid> to be used instead of a
        dune-grid within AMDiS. This provides most of the grid interface
        and supports automatic updates of bases.
      Change: MeshCreator now returns an AdaptiveGrid
      Change: ProblemStat uses AdaptiveGrid internally and returns an
        object of that type
      Add class ParallelGlobalBasis<Basis> as a replacement for a
        dune-functions basis. This implements the complete interface and
        can be used as a replacement for a regular basis in all contexts.
        It supports automatic updates.
      Add free function makeGlobalBasis to make a ParallelGlobalBasis
      Change: AMDiS basis creators now return a ParallelGlobalBasis
      Change: ProblemStat uses ParallelGlobalBasis internally and returns
        an object of that type
      Add classes Observer/Signals. Classes can derive from those to take
        part in the automatic update feature.
      Add update(Event const& e) methods to classes u...
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