Commit 299dce18 authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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removed dependency on dune-functions interpolate due to breaking changes

parent cf41b398
......@@ -84,22 +84,22 @@ double calcError(Problem const& prob, Fcts const& funcs)
auto& globalBasis = *prob->globalBasis();
auto localView = globalBasis.localView();
auto const& sol = prob->solution().coefficients();
std::vector<double> ref;
auto ref = makeDOFVector(globalBasis, DataTransferOperation::NO_OPERATION);
int k = 0;
// interpolate given function onto reference vector
for_each_leaf_node(localView.tree(), [&](auto const& node, auto tp)
auto gf = makeGridFunction(funcs[k], globalBasis.gridView());
Dune::Functions::interpolate(globalBasis, tp, ref, gf);
AMDiS::interpolate(globalBasis, ref, gf, tp);
// compare the solution with the reference
double maxError = 0;
sol.forEach([&](auto dof, double coeff) {
double error = std::abs(ref[dof] - coeff);
double error = std::abs( - coeff);
maxError = std::max(maxError, error);
return maxError;
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