Commit 8ace3ea4 authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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communicator construction

parent 7c678ccb
......@@ -86,12 +86,7 @@ namespace AMDiS
ParallelGlobalBasis(std::string const& name, Grid const& grid, Args&&... args)
: Super(FWD(args)...)
, Observer<event::adapt>(grid)
, comm_([&]() {
// need to call initialize, before it can be passed to the constructor of
// a communicator.
return CommunicationCreator<Comm>::create(static_cast<Super const&>(*this), name + "->solver");
, comm_(CommunicationCreator<Comm>::create(static_cast<Super const&>(*this), name + "->solver"))
/// Construct this global basis with empty name
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