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......@@ -9,23 +9,30 @@ a file reader is provided to import VTK files into Dune grid and data objects.
## Usage
The VTK writer works similar to the dune-grid `VTKWriter`. It needs to be bound
to a GridView and then data can be added to the points or cells in the grid.
Points are not necessarily grid vertices, but any coordinates places inside the
Points are not necessarily grid vertices, but any coordinates placed inside the
grid cells, so the data must be provided as GridViewFunction to allow the local
evaluation in arbitrary local coordinates.
General interface of a VtkWriter
Grid grid = ...;
VtkWriter<typename Grid::LeafGridView> vtkWriter(grid.leafGridView(), Vtk::ASCII);
auto fct = makeAnalyticGridViewFunction([](auto const& x) {
return std::sin(x[0]);
vtkWriter.addPointData(fct, "u_points");
vtkWriter.addCellData(fct, "u_cells");
template <class GridView>
class Vtk[Type]Writer
// Constructor
Vtk[Type]Writer(GridView, Vtk::FormatTypes = Vtk::BINARY, Vtk::DataTypes = Vtk::FLOAT32);
// Bind data to the writer
Vtk[Type]Writer& addPointData(Function [, std::string name, int numComponents, Vtk::FormatTypes]);
Vtk[Type]Writer& addCellData(Function [, std::string name, int numComponents, Vtk::FormatTypes]);
// Write file with filename
void write(std::string filename);
where `Function` is either a `GridViewFunction`, i.e. supports `bind()`, `unbind()`, and `localFunction(Function)`, or is a legacy `VTKFunction` from Dune-Grid. The optional parameters `name`, `numComponents` and `format` may be given for a `GridViewFunction`.
The parameter `Vtk::FormatTypes` is one of `Vtk::ASCII`, `Vtk::BINARY`, or `Vtk::COMPRESSED` and `Vtk::DataTypes` is one of `Vtk::FLOAT32`, or `Vtk::FLOAT64`.
See also the `src/` directory for more examples.
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