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......@@ -6,14 +6,6 @@ Provides structured and unstructured file writers for the VTK XML File Formats
that can be opened in the popular ParaView visualization application. Additionally
a file reader is provided to import VTK files into Dune grid and data objects.
## Requirements
For the management of the grids the `dune-grid` module is required. Additionally
for the data evaluation, the `dune-functions` module is used.
### Optional modules
For tests and examples `dune-spgrid` and `dune-polygongrid` are suggested, that
support structured grid data or special element types.
## Usage
The VTK writer works similar to the dune-grid `VTKWriter`. It needs to be bound
to a GridView and then data can be added to the points or cells in the grid.
......@@ -92,8 +84,23 @@ vtkWriter.addPointData(fct, "fct");
vtkWriter.write("filename.vtu", [FORMAT_TYPE], [DATA_TYPE]);
where `FORMAT` one of {UnstructuredGrid,StructuredGrid,RectilinearGrid,ImageData}
where `FORMAT` one of
- `UnstructuredGrid`,
- `StructuredGrid` (structured connectivity, arbitrary coordinates),
- `RectilinearGrid` (structured connectivity, tensor-product coordinates), or
- `ImageData` (structured connectivity, axis-parallel coordinates with constant grid-spacing),
`FORMAT_TYPE` one of
- `ASCII` (inline ascii format),
- `BINARY` (appended raw format), or
- `COMPRESSED` (appended compressed raw format),
and `DATA_TYPE` one of
- `FLOAT32` (single precision), or
- `FLOAT64` (double precision).
We measure the file size (per processor) and the memory requirement of ParaView
to visualize the data.
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