Commit d36fe5eb authored by Praetorius, Simon's avatar Praetorius, Simon
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removed static_assert in VtkTimeseriesWriter due to problems with clang

parent 7cf321a2
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ namespace Dune
template <class W>
using HasWriteTimeseriesSerialFile = decltype(&W::writeTimeseriesSerialFile);
static_assert(Std::is_detected<HasWriteTimeseriesSerialFile, VtkWriter>::value, "");
// static_assert(Std::is_detected<HasWriteTimeseriesSerialFile, VtkWriter>::value, "");
template <class W>
using HasWriteTimeseriesParallelFile = decltype(&W::writeTimeseriesParallelFile);
static_assert(Std::is_detected<HasWriteTimeseriesParallelFile, VtkWriter>::value, "");
// static_assert(Std::is_detected<HasWriteTimeseriesParallelFile, VtkWriter>::value, "");
/// Constructor, stores the gridView
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