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Modularize the Decomposed::DamagedElasticEnergyDensity class

Sander, Oliver requested to merge modularize-spectrally-degraded-energy into master

The current Decomposed::DamagedElasticEnergyDensity class does too many things together:

  • It implements the St.Venant-Kirchhoff density in terms of the strain eigenvalues, split into tensile and compressive parts as described by Miehe, Welschinger, Hofacker.
  • It degrades the tensile part with a hard-wired degradation function.
  • It transforms the degraded density and its gradient and Hesse matrix from spectral to physical coordinates.
  • It contains a part of the AT1 damage functional.

This merge request modularizes it.

Edited by Sander, Oliver

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